Mitch Poche to the right is a Certified Personal Trainer


Life is what happens as we go about our day- to- day activities. In life, each and every one of us aspires to live their ‘fondest dreams’. There are many avenues for one to achieve this; it can be through school, work and sometimes it can depend on your talents. The difference between the naysayers and the achievers is simple: discipline, consistency, commitment, and patience. Mine was the humble privilege to interview, one, Mr. Meshach (Mitch) Poche, a Certified Personal Trainer. Poised. Confident. Articulate. Down-to-earth.

I started from the bottom now I am here

After every thunderstorm you will find clear skies, every darkest night brings light and “As an individual, I always knew what I wanted to become but I was not exactly sure how to chart the right path forward”, says Mitch.

It was during my university days at Kenyatta University, while I was pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Recreation Management, that I began to pursue my passion in life –perhaps, my one and true life’s calling. I began my journey by helping my classmates with their personal fitness in their houses. Since I couldn’t afford to hire space at a nearby gym, I decided to work with what I could, however, small it was at the time. I would also work with other interested clients who wanted to change their physique and improve their overall wealth. I would work with what the client had; for some, it was just a simple mat, for others a dumbbell and for the privileged few – an entire set of gym equipment!

Elevation in Degrees

Life is not an event; it is a delicate process of evolving and becoming who you were destined to be. Achieving success in life is a by-product of going through a certain process and following the right barriers and directional arrows along the way! Everyone’s moment of breakthrough and blessings will eventually come at the right time. I knew early in my life that I wanted to be self-employed; to be my own boss, to hit the grind so to speak. To keep at it until I achieved my purpose. The motivation to do ‘me’ came from some immortal words that I read from a t-shirt once upon a time: “Dream chasers never sleep”. From there, I purposed not to lose sleep until I had made this dream a reality.

Smart Gym: Finding a Win/Win Business Partnership

People quip that if you want to find someone in their true element; then you must find them in that environment that brings out the best in them. For me, I can be found at Diamond Plaza, Mezzanine 2, Parklands. I give nearly 10 working hours of sweat and vigor in a week in exchange for what might you ask? The arrangement that I have with Smart Gym: is the ability for my clients to use their facilities for training. The costs of the subscription are meted by the clients. The costs are also very affordable. This is because Smart Gym has nearly 15 Certified Personal Trainers on location, who are experienced, energetic, proactive, with exceptional customer service skills, vibrant personalities and the best talent in the market place! Smart Gym offers a membership that is payable in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. The most convenient part of this partnership – is the accessibility of other training locations such as Junction Mall, Diamond Plaza II, The Hub and Southfield Mall for my clients. I am able to easily move around these facilities in order to serve my clients.

My life’s Calling: A day In My life

They say that the early bird catches the worm and that opportunities come to those who prepare well and take advantage of them at the right time. I believe in the same mantra, my day begins as early as 5am and ends at 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday. The only way I can offer value to my clients is through thorough early preparation and execution. I take 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday, where I undertake personal training. My daily routine and grind will be determined by the clients and their fitness regiment. I work an average of between 12-16 hours a week. Personal training can be likened to a funnel in Sales and Marketing vocabulary because not all the clients that you start with end up staying for the long haul. To mitigate the unpredictability of clients – I charge them a monthly subscription cost, so as to pay my monthly bills. Whether or not they are available for their session or not, I ensure that I am still paid.

I have a burning passion for what I do because it changes people’s lives. Before I take on any work with a client, I take my time to understand who they are, their history, a physical fitness consultation so to speak. Then from there, I am able to design a tailor-made regiment for the individual based on their goals and what they intend to achieve. Every client is totally unique, some want to burn fat, others want to gain muscle and others want the best of both worlds. I know from a personal perspective what physical fitness has done for me – it has brought stamina, wellness, health, good physique and been a huge stress-reliever, which is what I promise my clients. Physical fitness is a journey and slow progress is still progress. Patience, consistency, commitment and disciple are the key pillars to any client’s success.

What Does the Future Hold for Me?

My favourite mantra Andrew so far in life is: “dream chasers never sleep”. I’ve been in this industry since the year 2014 and this industry in Kenya continues to grow and expand. I am cognizant of the fact that it has been able to pay my bills, however, I am not in a position to predict for how long I will be in optimum shape to continue to handle this. As such and even when I eventually start a family, I want to still be able to use my skills in an efficient, smart and entrepreneurial manner to bless and benefit the lives of my clients. I went to Kenyatta University and gained so much knowledge – but nothing can compare to what you learn on your own, from daily living and from your own thirst and hunger for more knowledge. I wish that our schools prepared us better for the job market and real-life! Along the way, I have been able to improve my self through education: I have a certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness) and occupational first aid. I am also grateful for my win/win partnership with Smart Gyms and look forward as they expand and open more facilities in the great republic of Kenya.

If you’re interested in improving your overall self-esteem, health, physique, stamina and wellness don’t hesitate to get in contact with Mitch Poche at Diamond Plaza II, Parklands, Mezzanine 2!.