I have taken some time and asked myself whether or not to sell myself? Tell my story to the world… and stop hiding in a cocoon. I’ve decided to do just that in the hope that I can inspire someone out there and also to offer my skills and services to this wonderful world(even though we are experiencing great uncertainty ahead). I will highlight some of the skills that I’ve gained and share how I gained them.

Marketer Supreme

Between Aug. 2007-2009, I was called and commissioned as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Durban, South Africa and the kingdom of Swaziland. My duties involved talking and serving God’s children 24/7 rain or shine.

I was mocked, chased by dogs, trailed by criminals at the dead of night, called all manner of names and even held at gunpoint. This was the real school of the hard knocks’, where life taught me what it meant to do marketing. The most difficult marketing in this world is for the souls of men!

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Brand Ambassador

In 2012, I participated in a movie known as ‘The Elevator‘.You can find it on YouTube. This experience ignited passion and self confidence beyond my wildest dreams. Ken Mufasa Bahati was our able director then.

In 2017, I was selected as the Shell Brand Billboard Ambassador for a marketing campaign dubbed, ‘Marafiki Milele’. My profile picture was all over Nairobi, Narok, Nakuru and parts of Western Kenya. I felt like a celeb since it was the first time in my life to be put on a billboard! I also participated in another Shell Billboard advert entitled ‘Karibuni Nyumbani’.

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Customer Care Support Services

I have been blessed to work in consumer electronics and entertainment products, Pay TV Services and for an oil marketing company. I have gained excellent Customer Experience skills. Do you require EXCELLENT Customer Care Support Services such as online chats, call centre support, order processing, query resolution or ticketing? How can I serve you in this respect?

Social Media Management Services

I have had a passion for writing since my early teens and I started out by writing my first blog on Friday March, 4, 2016. Then after trial and error I began my second blog. I have experience in social media management such as account set-up and management,creating posts and scheduling.

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Leadership Services

Biblically, young David was called at an early age and through humble circumstances to lead God’s children(Israelite’s). I was also called in 2012 at age twenty-three to serve as an advisor to a sixty-year- old engineer (Bishop) who was working for Tata Chemicals Magadi at the time. After his tenure I was privileged to work with a professional Marketer for Mitsumi Services(Sony Dealers) and finally I was blessed to work with the current ecclesiastical leader who is a Financial Controller with IBM Africa Lab in Kenya.

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Maasai Community Empowerment

I love the beautiful Maa people, culture and community and I am grateful for my humble upbringing walking bare-footed to school after herding cows. Now here I am in the 21st-century rocking my safari boots (quite an oxymoron).

My initial journey with empowering the Maasai community came in May of 2011 in Kilonito, Kajiado. There was a research project led by Dr Evelyn Jepkemei which involved, ‘how to educate the community without changing cultural norms.’ This was a great eye-opener for me and I’ve since been a converted believer in how education becomes the great enabler and economic equalizer for all boys and girls from marginalized communities.

Do you as an individual or organisation desire to help in running a CSR project among the Maasai people? How can I serve you in this respect?

You can reach out to me through e-mail on: Andrew.kiserema@gmail.com or through my contact 0735686936 on how I can support your organisation or as an individual. I hope that you’ve been inspired!!!

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P.S: I am also looking for a publisher of my memoir entitled: ‘Miraculously’, which is the story of my life. Please reach out.