Our lives are full of commitments, promises, decisions and daily reflections. We have very many tasks at hand and sometimes not quite the energy levels or motivation required to fully execute them all.

Our lives can be summed in one word ‘contract’. We have a contract with our landlord that we seek to honour every month by paying our dues, we have a contract with our employer that  we undersigned upon employment requiring us to abide by certain rules and terms, thereby, enabling us to meet our needs. For those of us who are married, you have a contract with your spouse and have certain responsibilities towards your better-half and children. Lastly, for the religious or spiritual folks- you have a contract with your God, which you made at the time or baptism or whenever you decided to  walk the long road of discipleship.  With all these contracts, written or unwritten, spoken or unspoken; where do your loyalties lie? Are you consistent in keeping up with each one of them? Who was the witness before you to confirm and authenticate your promise and agreement? Would you be comfortable to have that person show up and realize that you’re not keeping your side of the bargain?

Our lives are made or broken when to fail to live up to our commitments- they give us purpose, drive, passion and motivation to get up out of our beds and to rush and get stuck on that Monday morning traffic to the office; the strength to leave the warmth of our blankets and dress up to meet our God, waking up very early to prepare a sumptuous meal for our sweetheart and children;  and making the monthly deposit in our landlord’s bank account so that you have a roof over your head. So it’s no wonder, that the great book known as the Bible unequivocally states in the book of Genesis that, ” man must sweat by his brow”. Sweat comes from toil, work, thought, struggle, endurance, patience and tears. If you ever have any reason to give up, ship out, quit or want to end your life because it is getting ‘too hot’ in the kitchen, please ask yourself one question alone: What contracts are mine?