It’s a given that as human beings, ‘we eat to live and we live to eat’. Food is a necessary part of our everyday lives. As such, we will always have entrepreneurs opening up shop, to feed would-be customers. Day in and day out, we experience an influx of these new restaurants and new hotels opening up near our environs. Depending on how well the business is managed, the owner continues enjoying profitable results; however, when the opposite is true, you will find customer complaints, reduced workforce and closure of the entire business. Today’s story is one-of-a-kind, it enriches, beautifies and personifies – one entrepreneur’s vision of establishing a business venture that would not only create employment… but stand as a symbol of the spirit of hard work and resilience.

Welcome to SouthWest Hotel, which has been erected strategically as you enter Kilgoris Town, located within the breathtaking rolling hills of Narok County. This restaurant does justice to professional customer service, spacious rooms and mouth-watering food! The ambiance and environment is out of this world – the beauty is surreal; ‘it gives that feeling of being away from your home’. SouthWest began its operation in 2012, the building was transformed from what was supposed to be a law court. The Mission of SouthWest is to be the best service provider in: accommodation, conferencing and first-class dining facilities within a comfortable, natural and serene environment. The Vision of Southwest is to be the industry leader of hotel accommodation and conference facilities in Narok County.

Our Unique Brand

As SouthWest Hotel, we endeavor to provide all our customers with a memorable experience! After all, we are in the business of hospitality – we want you to keeping back again and again with your loved ones! We are unique in the following areas: great African cuisine, a beautifully kept garden, proximity to the main highway and wait a minute… this one can cause you to have a jaw-dropping incident; we are only 2 hours and 4 minutes (73.7 kilometres) away from one of the EIGHT WONDERS of the world even the famous (Maasai Mara Game Reserve).

We provide our clients with a well-kept and spacious garden for various outdoors activities of their choice. Time and time again: we have organized for birthdays, weddings, music shows and other ceremonies. The scenery is one to die for –especially for epic photography and videography services! Because of the growing demand for more superior conferencing facilities, we are in the process of building a New Conference Facility Hall. We also provide Wi-Fi and DStv in all our rooms as well as reliable room service!

Investing in and Growing the Local Economy

SouthWest Hotel is foremost in growing the local economy of Kilgoris Town. We recognize that we have many young graduates and trainees seeking for professional hotelier experience. As such, we currently employ 15 employees, with extensive experience in the hotel industry. The food that is prepared such as: the milk, vegetables and meat are sourced locally – this means that our clients eat home-grown food! We are not in the business of selling stale food. We are also very concerned with the security and physical welfare of all our clients; we have made sure to hire the most competent and professional security personnel to serve our clients between the working hours of 6:00 am to 10:00 pm 7 days a week!

Customer Testimonials

I had the privilege to speak to the Director of Southwest Mrs Lucy Sunkuli about what has set them apart from their competitors in the Kilgoris hotel market. Here were her own words: “Andrew, I’ve come to the realization that we have the best food in the area because you will find that a client will book in another hotel to sleep but when it comes to their dinner, they prefer US”!

I also took the opportunity to look at random online Facebook and Google reviews for Southwest and these were my verbatim findings. Through Facebook, Southwest succeeded in garnering 5,432 online bookings! According to Scott Laurie Hall, on November 19, 2016 she wrote: “Not a bad. place for where it is located in Kenya. Rooms are adequate and clean. Electricity not real consistent but they do have a generator for night time. Food is very good.”

Moses Onyango commented on December 30, 2016 about his experience at Southwest: “I feel it’s a very good place to spend, coz it is situated just a few distance from Kilgoris town and at a very quiet place where there isn’t noise, it is just ment for people who have reasons to b there, n there4, no crowding of people,,,, accommodationwise, rooms r available, clean n well fannished, ,,, and lastly, it is situated just near the road, hence, no problem with transport.”

Fai Clara posited on March 5, 2018 about her experience: “It is a nice place & very cool DAT u can relax & enjoy I liked”.

On Google SouthWest received 110 reviews. I have decided to sample just a few of them.

Salim Ahmed’s rating was three stars and he wrote: “It was a good place ever seen I enjoyed the place so nice. And I feel like coming back with my family again.”

Allan Omondi’s rating was five stars and he commented: “Clean air, friendly neighborhood and cheap healthy foods, recommend anyone.”

Nyambusin’s rating was also five stars and she stated: “cool place for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Rallying Call

We wish to welcome you to SouthWest Hotel to experience the mouth-watering food while basking in the beauty of its rolling hills – within the vicinity of the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Come for a Sunday luncheon with family; or perhaps come and propose to your special someone…

You can book for accommodation through Facebook Page @ SouthWest Hotel, Kilgoris, or through our customer care line 0726 53 45 77! Your home away from home!