Gosh…. Where did this year go? I mean we are in our eleventh month already and soon it will be, kids’ singing ‘jingle bells’, as we usher in the Christmas season for the Christians and Holidays for the non-Christian’s. I want us to interrogate, synthesize, demystify and analyze what we have done with the time allotted to us? Who we have served? What we have learned from our collective experiences? What we regret most in our omissions or commissions? These are questions to gravitate your mind and soul- towards more loftier and grandiose goals for what lies yet ahead.

I’ve done this mental test myself; sadly it seems that I’ve lagged way behind. I don’t think I have made as much money as I would have wished or put enough away; perhaps I could blame it on the challenging economic times, poor spending habits or pure indiscipline to save. How have you been doing in this area? Next, let’s look at my overall health. I think it’s okay… but it could always be way, way better! I tried jogging regularly but I failed to keep at it on a consistent basis. What made the whole scenario worse was being kicked out of a private primary school’s field that I was merely using to keep fit— running around a few laps. Then some grumpy, ‘grandpa’, comes and orders me to leave because in his ‘eyes’, I was committing a serious crime; dude, go fetch! There are worst crimes that other people commit in this world besides running on private property, let alone a mere playground.

I’ve digressed a lot, my apologies. Anyhow, this year I’ve struggled in my relationships because too be honest; I’ve not had much of a social life at all. My weekends have been filled with classes from the wee hours of the morning till the going down of the beautiful African sun. It’s crucial to spend time with family, friends and to continue meeting new people and visiting new places- gaining fonder and richer life experiences.

I am at a point in my life where I am not so sure where my career trajectory is heading. It could be going south or east or maybe even nowhere; hopefully not. I don’t want to be stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over again without any growth. I want to be able to make a difference in this globalized world; I want my work to challenge me beyond my horizons. I want to work with a team that will take me to the next career path of my life. Are you in such a catch 22 scenario? Do you have the courage to move on, look for new opportunities? I know we gotta work to eat, eat to pay them bills, pay them bills to invest and invest to get out of the yoke and trap of employment. Please, take some time off and try to understand where you are precisely in your career path and then chart a new course into the unknown.

Lastly, when all is you sad and done how has your relationship with the MAN UPSTAIRS been? Truth be told, this is the year that I have not been able to attend church as much as I would have wanted. I have felt farther from the light and serenity that only comes from focusing our lives on what really matters in this life and that is our relationship with the MAN UPSTAIRS! Everything else they say is vanity—– vanity my dear friends.