What is your favourite hobby? Where is your best place to chill and hang out? If I ever wanted to urgently find you where would this be?

The good word teaches that ‘where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’. Is this correct? Do we need to think and reflect deeply on these ancient words of Yore?

Which of you would be found watching an English Premier League (EPL), match on a Saturday or Sunday night? Which of you would be found partying it up from Friday until early Sunday morning? Or attending church on a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning?

Indeed, each of us is unique but we are easily identifiable and set apart from others because of our passions, interests, and hobbies so that our hearts are known by the things we spend our valuable time on!

Almost everybody in this day and age owns what we call a ‘smartphone’, the brand may be an I-phone, Samsung, Techno or whatever make but regardless, it performs similar functions.

The generation known as the ‘Millennials’, are the ones I am worried about when it comes to the time they spend on these phone. Why should I worry? Heck, let me explore the world… Right! And invent the next Facebook or Apple store. I wish this was what these millennials were doing on their phones.

The concern I have with them is that they allow their time to be controlled by the phone instead of controlling their usage of the same. Let me share a brief story to highlight my grievance, concern, and point.

I was invited to visit a friend for dinner one evening after church with our Bishop and other church leaders. whilst there, we spoke about the moon and back, ate dinner and were about to leave. I noticed that their young man was on his smartphone the entire time while we were there; with his earphones plugged into his ears.

Occasionally, he would glance up and back down to his phone. There was no contribution at all from him! My young millennial friends- please know that where your heart is- there will be your treasure also!

Ask yourself these few questions… Why did I not get that job or land that internship with that multinational company? Why did this beautiful girl not call or respond back to me after what I thought was a successful first date? Why don’t my colleagues take or give airtime to me during serious meetings? Why don’t my parents trust me enough to allow me to live out on my own while attending the local university?