Beautiful September is nearly galloping away into a new month; although we would wish to forget the tragic events that took place on this ninth month- we just cannot- we must remember yesteryear. I remember being in school when I heard and watched in shock and horror as the first plane hit the Twin Towers. Death, blood, smoke, sirens- rend New York City in disbelief and we now famously recall this event the world over as 9/11. Here closer home, nobody would have imagined what would befall them in a shopping mall known as ‘Westgate’, where friends, families would go to relax and spend precious time together. It just happened too fast and all of a sudden- the people that we loved and cared for- were no more. The date was on Saturday, 21 September 2013- lest we forget- lest we forget, how unprepared and disorganized our security forces were in eliminating the terrorist element and in saving precious human lives!

This month also bears for me sentimental value because just as Kenyans were shocked at what they were seeing on their television screens and hearing on their local radio stations. I was at the hospital too-checking up on my unwell father- who underwent a painful accident. Sadly though, he never made it through and slipped past the gates to that splendid eternity!The date was on Tuesday, 24 September 2013. Yes, indeed, this month bears many memories for me of what was and what could have been.

Similarly, it appears that these, ‘Westgate’, moments of our lives are here for the long haul. Already, as a nation, the government is well on its way to achieving its fiscal policies in terms of terms of taxation and collection of revenue. The government in an ambitious way- plans to tax mobile money, implement excise duty on money transfers by banks; money transfer services and other financial services. They have also slapped 8 percent VAT on petroleum products. Which will bring the cost of production up for electricity and transportation. The poor will be the most affected due to the high cost of kerosene and high standard of living.

Herein, is a free lesson in prudent economics and self reliance-learn to live within your means. Learn to spend less than you earn, cutting down on unnecessary expenditures and only borrowing when it is prudent. Unfortunately, our government is unable to cut costs; retrieve money lost through corruption and live within its own budget. As you and I continue to bear the brunt of increased taxes and spending- we need to re-look our own budgets and align them to the ‘economic fix’ and ‘economic Westgate’ of our lives. We must live another day to tell our own story to future generations. Yes, September is one month that I can never forget- because I lost loved ones and so did untold others. Nevertheless, despite our challenges, there is a brightness of hope and a ray of sunlight that we must keep holding onto! And yes, October is almost here with us……