Management is an essential life skill

Jul 30th, 2016 Personal Development Andrew Kiserema 1 min read

We have been given 24 hours in a day to achieve the essential  aspects of our lives such as sleeping, eating, working and attempting to fulfill our goals and plans. Despite being given the same amount time as everyone else, some of us live below our privileges and end up under performing in school, at work and in meeting our family obligations. We should not…

Allowing Technology to enhance our lives without controlling it

Jul 25th, 2016 Personal Development Andrew Kiserema 2 min read

By virtue of living, breathing and co-existing in this the 21st century, we cannot manage our lives effectively without turning to technology. Everything we do requires the element of technology from our smart-phones to our lap-tops, kindles and every other smart device that one can think of.  After all,  when all is said and done can this over dependence and over use of technology be…

Learning to find happiness in our work

Jul 16th, 2016 Personal Development Andrew Kiserema 2 min read

You may be in a new job, searching for work or seeking for ‘greener’ pastures outside your workplace. The reasons could be many and they could vary from a better salary, working hours, career growth or all the above. Sometimes, in life we are not able to achieve our ideal career or land the dream job due to uncontrollable factors such as  the high rate…

Having tolerance for self and others

Jul 9th, 2016 Personal Development Andrew Kiserema 2 min read

Every day in the news, online, on the radio and every reference point that you can think of has a ready discussion and breaking story of tolerance being ‘amplified’ to the deaf ears of a truly intolerant modern day society. There we have it, families, individuals, marriages and businesses are faced with this ultimate dilemma in their spheres and how to delicately solve internal problems….

Cultivating a spirit of gratitude

Jul 1st, 2016 Inspiration Andrew Kiserema 2 min read

One of the things that I have realized with our mortal sojourn and with the opportunities presented before us is to always strive to express gratitude for whatever has been allotted unto us be it grandiose or small. Every single day that we have been privileged to see and contribute to this world should make us more grateful for the many mercies extended to us….