One of the things that I have realized with our mortal sojourn and with the opportunities presented before us is to always strive to express gratitude for whatever has been allotted unto us be it grandiose or small. Every single day that we have been privileged to see and contribute to this world should make us more grateful for the many mercies extended to us. Life can have its many challenges and disappointments, but if we can learn to cultivate this important  trait- it will be the much sweeter!

We will meet individuals in our lives who will need assistance from us from time to time and because we extend our support to them- we may think that we deserve gratitude, which may not necessarily happen. Such is life and we must learn to accept that everybody is different and others are not as genuine in their cause. Despite the bad examples of these individuals, we must learn the fortitude to remain focused on who we are and what values we uphold.

The greatest lesson that we can learn about the extend of the ingratitude of human beings is the parable of the leper. These individuals were all sickly and approached the master teacher Jesus of Nazareth for healing. Having compassion on all of them, they were all healed and they each ran away rejoicing except for one who knelt down and gave thanks and glorified the Lord! In our own way, each of us has been in a difficult situation and one person came to our rescue- and later one we begin to defame, malign and ruin the name of the giver because we have received or rather achieved our selfish interests.

Recently, at the workplace a colleague of mine started a discussion on gratitude and contrasted two situations. One is of an individual petitioning the Lord to bless them with a sports car and the other to bless them with only food. She wisely concluded that if she were to be a ‘god’, then she would not take up that position because it would be such a delicate role to fulfill and manage in respect to individual’s desires, passions and appetites.

In conclusion, let me close with this beautiful quote taken from a story of a man who was feeling sorry for himself until he walked down the street and learned a life changing lesson of cultivating a spirit of gratitude:

“I had the blues because I had no shoes,

Until upon the streets, I met a man who had no feet.”