Every where you travel and in many of our everyday small talk, conversations, tweets, posts and comments the word ‘I’ always pops up. For example, ”I want a well paying job after the university because I am a graduate” and if that if that doesn’t sound familiar what of hearing prominent individuals whose children end up going to court because of property, land and wealth entitlement. As a society and as individuals, we need to do some introspection inwardly and outwardly and reflect a bit on our behavior and attitude of feeling that the world owes us our dues when it clearly doesn’t!

Parents are now raising a generation which in large measure may not be willing to work hard and sacrifice to make it in life. Somewhere this group of smart, creative and tech savvy individuals will want to be rewarded now and not later. This would be like planting ‘vegetables’ and waiting for the harvest without doing the simple work of watering and weeding out the garden. Indeed, unemployment and crime rates have soared way up creating barriers and challenges for focused and proactive individuals to find better opportunities.

But even despite these challenges, there is a bright burning hope that these individuals will eventually make it.  Some women with pretty faces feel entitled to a great job and want to drive an expensive car- which is a great desire but the means doesn’t justify the end. Beauty is appreciated the world over and pays well in some countries. However, men and especially women have a better asset in their minds that can assist them to get what they aspire for and this may not be limited to for example, a great job, car or lifestyle. Some men also feel that because my dad is so- and- so in the government or private sector- that others should stop me on the street to get my number and to heap praises on me. But this is foolish talk- people will recognize who you are but they have other most important duties to worry about than getting to know you. If you are of this school of thought quickly get in out of your wave length.

We came naked into this world and we will return back the same way so why do we as a species continue propagating this culture of self-entitlement?