By virtue of living, breathing and co-existing in this the 21st century, we cannot manage our lives effectively without turning to technology. Everything we do requires the element of technology from our smart-phones to our lap-tops, kindles and every other smart device that one can think of.  After all,  when all is said and done can this over dependence and over use of technology be equally unhealthy for us and the relationships we strive to cultivate with others?

Please try this experiment and go a week without updating you Facebook wall, tweeting, updating your selfie on your whatsApp status and just go offline. If you can’t hack a whole week then just try this on a weekend and then tell me how the experience was. I’ve tried doing that for a weekend and I was able to generate better ideas, plans and solutions to my everyday problems than I would have had my smart devices been on. How did this happen? Was it by choice or was it the pull of the universe? What actually happened was slight damage to my phone which made it impossible to use it so I went back to my simple analog phone that only calls, texts and plays the radio.

We are living in a hurried life with so many pressures and obligations to meet and exceed. Work, school, family and friends demand our attention and the little time we have to ourselves is mostly spent with our hand-held devices. This time should rather be spent doing something more meaningful such as reading an inspiring book,  learning a new cooking recipe,  setting goals or even exercising our bodies so that we remain healthy. In Kenya, I have read of prominent individuals who have not switched from the analog to the digital way of life in their use of smart devices. Instead, what they do is employ gate-keepers such as secretaries to manage their lives. They use the simple phones and if they want to meet others or they are sought for by interested parties then the secretary meets that need and organizes for that appointment. These individuals mention that they are very happy with this arrangement. To be honest, this is a little ‘extreme’ but everyone of us must decide the extent of our relationship with technology, allowing it to enhance our lives without controlling it!