I got home yesterday in the evening, tired, hungry and recovering from a few long days at the office….. Got home, changed clothes and set on my comfortable couch just to get some breath and to relax. And relax I did, as I sat there in deep thought and meditation- with my eyes fixed on a framed picture of the Savior my Lord, Jesus Christ, holding an African child in his loving arms and kissing the child’s forehead; methought I saw Him also embracing me and comforting me in His loving arms.

While in deep thought, my mind raced back to 2013, the year I would last get to talk, listen, interact and hear Daddy’s kind and soft voice. I realized that now more than ever I need him to be beside me and not away from me; to talk to me, lead , guide, and offer his paternal wisdom. My thoughts now turn to the many children and people in this world who have lost one or both parents due to no fault of their own. I understand you and why you sometimes feel alone and make poor decisions; I understand your rage at the world and your desire to so badly question God in doing what he did!

As I have given this some thought, my heart and thoughts turn to those who still have both parents alive… Do you know how blessed you are? Do you know how nice it is to have Mommy or Daddy walk into the house with groceries, a smile and with lots of love? Do you take time to listen to their counsel, run errands for them or show appreciation to them?

One day, these beautiful parents will not be there so with all my being I  exhort you in the words of Moses from the Book of ‘Exodus’ of olden time to ‘obey your parents, for this is  right in the Lord’ with the ancient promise that ‘thy days may be long in the land’.

So to my living and angelic mother, I say thank you for all you do for me and for everyone else in this passing world. To you Daddy, I say thank you and rest with the angels. Sorry for not appreciating you and your counsel when you were still around. Now I know better, I have put away childish things and become a man!

Friends, I love my parents but do you???