Emmanuel Leina Tasur (Left) at Sirua Aulo Schools Gifting Monika MacGuffie(Right)


Come with me and experience the best of what can be offered in Maasailand- where you will find young men herding a dozen sheep, goats, and uncountable cows. Come and experience the warmth and humility of the Maa women as they sing, dance and make beautiful embroidery. Come and meet the elders of the community, who will demand respect as they greet you by tapping your bowed head softly! Get your walking shoes on, water bottle on hand and your heart full of adventure as we embark for Oronkai Village, in rural Southwest Kenya, Narok County, to a meet a hero of his time and generation, who has become an ‘enigma’ of change for young boys and girls who want to demystify the notion, that was said of old… ‘What good can come out of Oronkai?’

From Humble beginnings

Emmanuel grew up in the area where he now lives, beginning school with no shirt or shoes and walking 16 kilometres each way every single day. While his father and many others in the community discouraged him from pursuing his education, Emmanuel was determined and with the support of his mother was able to earn the highest score in the Kilgoris region on the primary school final examination. He was accepted to a top national secondary school and upon graduation went to work for the city council in Nairobi. He later attended Moi University and earned a degree in Informational Sciences in 2006. In pursuit of his dream of transforming Maasailand through the education of its children, Emmanuel founded Namunyak Maasai Welfare in 2004. Through this non-governmental organization, he works to give Maasai children the educational opportunities they would otherwise not have. ­

Sirua Aulo: The journey To Becoming A Beautiful Lawn

In the Maa language, names are associated with many different cultural perspectives; they could refer to seasons, historical circumstances and even the mood of that particular day that one was born. For Emmanuel, he wanted to associate the school with something memorable and tangible. ‘Sirua Aulo’, in the Maa language means a beautiful lawn… it’s the name of the hill that the Sirua Aulo Academy has been built on. A hill is majestic, ever-present and can be seen from east to west. Emmanuel’s hope is that the school may rise above the hills of obscurity and provide orphans and vulnerable children with the opportunity of abundant life and firm hope- through educational sponsorships, scholarships and through the support of the community. For, indeed, in the hidden village of Oronkai it takes a village to raise a child.

The power of Servant Leadership and Siruo Aulo School Ethos

Emmanuel has been able to achieve extraordinary success in a very short time for the benefit of his children. The school was established in May 2008. The elementary/primary stream currently has 370 students; comprising of, 270 boarders and 100-day scholars. The school opened its secondary stream in January 2016. The primary stream has a total of 16 teachers and the secondary has 12 teachers. The enrollment rate for secondary students now stands at 150 with full boarding facilities. All students pay for their tuition fees except for orphans, who are supported through well-wishers and charity organizations. Currently, through the Namunyak Maasai Welfare NGO, 110 students have become beneficiaries of a full scholarship at Sirua Aulo Academy and highschool respectively.

Through grants, well-wishers and his mobilization skills the provision of safe water is now a reality! Funds helped to complete the construction of a borehole for new water well. Water was first struck in June 2018, after choosing the right place to build the rig and the borehole. Emmanuel is working on overdrive to ensure the completion of the project and plans to invest in a solar pump for the water.

The Sirua Aulo Schools are on a quest to imbue excellence in students and staff, raising generations of servant leaders with a sense of understanding for diversity and compassion for others. Sirua Aulo Schools endeavors to build upon a tradition of excellence and service within a safe and supportive environment that provides a relevant, high-quality education to prepare its students for the 21st-century world. Sirua Aulo schools honour achievement and promote pride in the children, in the school and in the community. Sirua Aulo Schools are dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth, strengthening moral values and developing academic excellence. The benchmark of their success is not only measured in grades or percentages, but also in the development of individuals ready to explore possibilities, meet the challenges of life, extend themselves to others in order to do the work of Christ and to always rise to their full potential.

The Fruits of Sirua Aulo Schools

They say that a seed of a tree doesn’t fall very from where it was planted; similarly, the fruits are similar in nature and characteristics. If the fruit is good, it will produce sweat tastebuds in your mouth but if the tree is not good, then you will spew it out immediately. The alumni of Sirua Aulo Schools can be found as close to Nairobi through (Kenyatta University) or as far out in the middle of (Siaya Technical Training Institute). People say that the only thing constant in life is change: often perplexing, difficult, incremental and historical. Sirua Aulo Schools and Emmanuel Leina are now tied at the hip bone; creating hope and opportunity where there existed none for the children of the famous Paramount Chief Olonana. Of Noteworthy report, is the exciting news where Sirua Aulo high school will be a pilot for education in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM Centre) in the region, being winners of Space Challenge, 2018 edition, even going on to earn a mention in an American Nasa Journal. I hope that this change may reverberate through Maasailand, Kenya and the world; echoing in its way the unique potential of Sirua Aulo Schools and its director!

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