Today, I was personally humbled and privileged to sit down and have an intimate conversation with the CEO of Queen’s Pizza, a one, Miss Peninah Ntong’ondu. She describes her journey and the steps she took towards achieving her fondest dreams!

I sat inside the restaurant on a revolving chair, staring outside my environs as I nibbled away at my Meat lovers slice. Admiring the office space situated adjacent Tuskys Buruburu. The eatery had excellent ambiance with a beautiful view of the hustle and bustle of Eastlands. Queen’s Pizza is ideal for dates, family luncheons as well as for business engagements.

Her Genesis

They say that every present has a past and every past has a future. For Peninah, she has always had a passion for being her own boss and running her own Pizza Empire. “I worked for 6 years in the food and beverage industry where I learned customer service, computer operations and the fine art of making pizza before venturing out into my own kitchen to make home-made pizza”, she says. She attributes her passion and ethos for business to her late mother who was an astute businesswoman. From the onset, we can tell that she was destined for great things in her life.

Her Typical Day as CEO

My day begins as early as 7:45 am when I open the office doors. I work a team of 5 ambitious and focused group of colleagues. I pride myself on the fact that I have trained my entire team to handle all roles and duties so that when I am away there is no gap; only business continuity. Aside from my normal duties as a member of Queen’s Team my other responsibilities include: attending meetings with the media fraternity, recruitment, training, generating a daily sales report, filing monthly Kra returns and stock and inventory management. My day ends at 9:45 pm when I close the sales for the day.

With my team, I ensure that we meet on a monthly basis to discuss individual targets and how to grow the business. At the present moment, our busiest day of the week falls on Sunday. Since we opened the business on 1, August 2019, I have not attended church but once our sales levels get to where they should; then I will definitely plan on going…

I will illustrate an experience I most recently underwent so that you get a glimpse into my typical day. I had a very important engagement to attend in Meru and began my journey at 4 am. I arrived at the event at 9 am. I left for Nairobi at 6:30 pm and finally reached Buru Buru at 11 pm. The next day I reported very early to work.

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to know that having a start-up is do-able but it will not come from watching a YouTube channel or reading a great book. By and by it will come from seeking out a genuine mentor and knowing that profits will not trickle in during the first year of operations. There is a price to be paid to be the boss. There is a price to be paid in order to see success. oftentimes, we don’t want to know that journey; as individuals, we prefer to learn about the success story!

Why Our Services Are Unique

At Queen’s Pizza, everything is freshly made. Zero preservatives. Our prices are very pocket-friendly. We have a very homely touch! We bake on the spot based on a customer order. All our ingredients are sourced locally, which means that we endeavor to support one of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big 4 agenda on manufacturing.

Thus, with every sale, I am able to pay for rent, utilities, file returns, restock weekly, pay for the pizza box and make sure that I am creating employment for young people by paying for their salaries. My vision for Queen’s Pizza is to replicate our business success by opening up several branches in and on the outskirts of Nairobi. My desire is to also diversify into other business opportunities once I have successfully established this ONE.

Who am I?

I am not a celeb even if I appeared on, ‘KCB Lions’ Den series’. “I am a very simple individual and I blend in very well with my team. Oftentimes, strangers and even customers come up to me and hug me or give me props(which is very humbling for me).” They are inspired by the fact that one of their own actually made it! My anecdote for success is: pray always, remember where you’ve come from, ensure that you know where you want to go and always have a genuine friend to unleash your stress and burdens. Lastly, you are the one that is a bear to your own success or failure in life. Nobody can ever stop you from achieving your dream. For young people, my advice to you is to do anything under the sun as long as the work is legal and can pay the bills; please don’t get scared to get your hands dirty!

Again, please welcome to Queens Pizza, opposite Tuskys Buruburu- our pizza is ALWAYS YUMMY AND TASTY. For deliveries contact us on 0777442538 or on 0700 442538.