As human beings, we are uniquely endowed compared to other creatures that roam this beautiful universe. However, notwithstanding, these our endowments and gifts we often fail to live above our privileges and rather choose to settle for less- the act of merely existing and looking forward to the next day. This is an area that calls for a drastic change if we are to reach our full potential in this short existence. We are blessed with creativity, innovation, perseverance and the ability to dream! We can choose to expand our minds by study, analysis and by challenging our present reality or we can choose to remain in a state of  contentment and confusion; hence at last we will perish with the little fleeting knowledge and intelligence we possess.

If you were to analyze the great minds of this the 21st century and those their contemporaries, you would find that these individuals were ordinary and simple folk like us. The only difference with them is that they used the power of their minds to dissect, project, simplify and solve a certain ailment or challenge befalling the human experience. Once, this idea was implemented and it was able to change the world- then these ordinary individuals went from simple folk to brilliant extraordinary icons! We can also become such by refusing to allow ourselves to be in the comfort zone of our lives. We need to think outside the box, define new horizons and new possibilities, exercise faith, demystify the impossible and challenge our present world. When we endeavor to dream big, cultivate the right attitude, climb the high altitude of life and then invoke the power of Deity in all we undertake to do then nothing will be impossible unto us!

Our minds are beautiful, our potential is limitless, our future is exquisite and our human nature is ever evolving. We are not mere animals that eat, sleep and mate- we are children of promise with something that beckons for us to do more and to become better. We can improve our humanity, we can improve our systems of doing things, we can harness our environment to work for us and not against us and we can convince others who may not want to use the power of their minds to solve the challenges which, we presently face in these our times! Please, avoid being distracted by your favorite television program, series, video game and anything else that would keep you away from using and improving upon the power of your mind. After all, when you leave this frail existence what else shall you carry with you except what has been cultivated in your mind and spirit. Every else will remain behind to used by somebody else. Good people, let us strive to cultivate the power of our minds!