In our current generation more than ever- we require as individuals, countries, states, nations, churches and organizations servant types of leadership than we are actually attaining. The leaders of yore such as Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln appear to be no more. Instead, we have settled for the ones who are popular, articulate and who are now the role models for our kids and future generations.

The question that society continues to ask is: are leaders born or are they made? This is a difficult question to answer and I shall not undertake to do so but only to stir your faculties. For those who desire to lead they are brushed off because they are not tall enough, muscular, from a humble background, not of the proper gender, not having enough fame or money and the reasons keep blaring down our ears like an ambulance on an emergency rescue mission!

The leaders that we do have are enticed by seeking wealth and this has recently surfaced in the ‘Panama leak’, where renown men of this world are being put to task over money that has been hidden in foreign countries. In other countries, individuals at the helm of banking institutions are being sought after because of theft and fraud of the highest order on behalf of their customers. Indeed, we can say that a majority of our elite organizations have effective managers but who are inept at true leadership. We as a society have put ourselves between a rock and a hard place by ignoring the servant-leaders in their pursuit of electoral, business and community based projects and events. We instead prefer the loud, arrogant and money hungry men and women that lie and trick us into voting for them only to spew us out of their lives soon after gaining power and control.

The challenges and problems that we will continue to experience is as a direct result of these in-effective leaders that are not cut out for the work. Parents now need to work harder to raise children that will embody these attributes of service and humility. Skills in management can be sought after through schooling and career seminars but that of leadership is innate and can’t be bought. This can only be nurtured in a conducive home environment. Men and women, who can take up this challenge of servant-leadership need to stand up and show that they can take upon themselves this mantle and their supporters and doubting Thomas’s will need to exercise a small particle of faith as so beautifully illustrated by Jesus of Nazareth in the parable of the Mustard Seed. The next time you want to complain because of your pastor, president, manager or parent then ask yourself whether you are doing any better yourself as a servant-leader or you are simply making noise so that you can obtain that position and perpetuate the same silly behavior as him or her?