When was the last time you read a local newspaper? What peeked your interest? What was the subject of the discussion? Noticed any developing trends in our contemporary-modern society? These are solid questions to be asked and answered as we deal with and manage the YES Generation. We have a new breed of kids from the block- who feel entitled to just about everything under this vast universe. From what to eat, how to dress, what jobs to take up, who to date and how to respond to bosses and those who are in positions of influence and authority.

It is precisely because some parents and leaders have failed to say a big NO, without excuses or with little fanfare as well- that some of these- our children- are raised with the notion that everything is up for grabs. Mind you, don’t take a no for an answer because they have always known it to a be a yes…. Indeed, we are reaping the seed of what we have sown. Recently, in the Kenyan media sphere; we learnt of a young man who hacked to death a fellow student precisely because she rejected him/advances with a clear no. In life, you must acknowledge that opportunities will not always go your way all the time or even some of the time.

To develop thick skin like that of a crocodile- you must face rejection with sheer humility and sobriety. I’ve applied for multiple career opportunities and yes I have received regret letters from some courteous ones, however, some have chosen till now to remain silent. Silence is also an answer on its own merits. I have received rejection from potential dates who were not interested in my lingo. I have also received regret letters from universities local and abroad in respect to particular programs of interest. What have I learned from all these experiences? I have learned that you need these opportune times to learn your own life lessons that no school or institution will ever teach you. I’ve developed sheer grit, determination, focus, hard work and a deep abiding optimism that sooner-or-later a YES will come my way and when it does I will be smiling all the way to the bank.

As a leader, parent, guardian or friend are you also contributing to the onslaught of this Yes Generation? Please don’t allow to be used a pawn in this game where it could either gravitate between life or death. Learn to say no with no regrets. We need to save this generation from massacring their own. We need a sober, intelligent and level minded generation to lift us to the next discovery, frontier, idea, technology and paradigm shift whose time is yet to come. And surely, we will not be able to succeed if we keep raising a Yes Generation. This must stop. This can stop. Will you join me?