There is fascism, communism and Trumpism. America/world please choose your political truism.

The Obama presidency, for the past eight years has been a blessing unto the world and the American people because it has exposed the great drift and divisions between white/ black America to an often pretending public and many naysayers and worshipers of the false American dream.

We have seen the extent of gun violence, the demise of police in uniform caught on the wrong side of bullets and innocent children of African American ancestry die by the gun. Obama, has tried in more ways than one to unite the American people and the world for that matter. This has been achieved in passing the controversial ‘Obama Care’, growing a faltering economy and opening countries like Cuba to America and other nations and taking down the tyrant that was trained and funded by America itself even Osama Bin Laden.

Americans should give credit where it is due for the good things that Obama has done even for white America as the first and probably last black African American President the world shall ever see- fulfillment of Martin Luther King Jr. and Tupac Amaru Shakur’s dream of shall we ever see a black president?

Now let us go back to the real topic of discussion between fascism, communism and Trumpism. I am grateful for what the Trump/ Clinton duo has taught the world about America and America about itself.

Trump has taught the world that America is still not united in race- it still has racist, ignorant, happy-trigger and bigoted fellows. Some Americans are angry at the Mexicans, Russians, Syrians and even North Koreans and not to mention Kenya for its myriad of problems. Jobs meant for Americans are being taken by foreigners especially considering that graduate and even those with Masters’ qualifications are unemployed or under-employed. A portion of the society would love to ‘make America great again’ by using nukes and firepower to blow up the parts of the world that does not agree to its school of thought of  ‘American democracy’.

Some Americans have a problem with Muslims because they blame them for terror attacks from 9/11 till this day. Trump did not win the Republican nomination by accident, for he won because he speaks for the voice-less Americans on how they want to govern America. Obama, speaks for the other Americans that reason, articulate and still believe in the United States. Lastly, some Americans like other nations want men to be in power and to use this power to gain sexual favours and to treat women as chattel as long as you don’t get caught and when you do to blame the media for bringing out the horrid truth.

I am foreseeing the Presidency being captured by the soon-to-be Madam President Hillary Clinton, which shall be history in the making!This is because the G.O.P slept on the job in endorsing an individual that could unseat the democrats from power.Nevertheless, thanks be to  Obama for bringing the great divide in  White/Black America and  to Trump for showing us what the other American public feel and think about if they were given a voice to dialogue with the world.

Please don’t shoot the messenger even if the message may contain some elements of the truth. In closing, I again, reiterate to you that there is fascism, communism and worst of all Trumpism. America/ world please choose your political truism.