We often think that our days will last forever, that we will be the ones at the helm of our families, organizations, churches and society. One day, however, this may come to a quick end! There is no such thing as forever and only time, chance and experience happens to them all to quote from the good o’l book.

Now that you are the one at the top, where is your vision leading others? What difference are you making in the lives of others? Are you one big lousy, grumpy dictator like Uncle Bob? Did you once command respect, awe, admiration and willing followers like Bob did? Are you sinking yourself before the collapse of the ‘titanic’, where you will also sink other innocents?

Life is not a competition, race nor examination against others; it is merely a competition between your worst self and becoming your best self. All else is vanity, my dear friend. Don’t let the praise of others get in your head, don’t be concerned about compliments, many friends or acquiring wealth at the expense of building your character. Be concerned about leaving a legacy for others to follow. Be concerned more that you left something unsaid when it should have been spoken. Those words could have inspired a colleague, family member or friend to shape up or ship out!

Uncle Bob has also taught me to do thorough introspection and planning. This is something that we often neglect at our own peril. Ask yourself a soul searching question, ‘Am I growing in my present role?’ Where should I be three to four years from now? What changes and adjustments will I need to make in order to get there? Is it time for you to jump the ship and dive into the unknown waters we call ‘life’? Uncle Bob was almost a life president for Zimbabwe… He did not read the way the tide was blowing earlier on… Very sad. Don’t become like this, choose a wiser path!

Again, titles don’t make the man! The man maketh the title; always remember that those fancy titles will one day vanish into thin air. It is high time to acknowledge that indeed we are nothing at the end of the day, God should be our everything! We have been put on this earth for a season, to fulfill a certain reason, to meet certain people who will help to admonish your life’s path! Who are you?